im in fl and i have reliable internet~





who would willingly follow me emilie and vivi all at the same time though

im a blast to have around u bitch

i nevr said u werent im just saying that as a combo we probably annoy the hell out of ppl

#mostly just vivi though



I just left..and I see this….

ok goodnight to my ivy league followers
i have king james if u wanna hate urself while ur in florida

i plan on not being conscious for the majority of the trip

do u want my bible

im taking my college edition book of mormon

its flroida pck all ur swimming suits some underwear toothbrush toothpaste and floss

were staying at a campsite……all i need to pack is bug spray

vivian talked shit about u to summon u it didnt work so we went to bed

i really need to go rn bc i havent packed yet and we leave at 8

my favorite friends to hang out with are the ones who laugh at everything i say so not veronica

hunty x hunty isnt even good tbh theyre just copying naruto

my mom loves mt borther more than me 2

were both geminis i could never be her favorite

my mother is a pretty big generally nagging kinda bitchy kinda low key racist but shes my mom she loves me more than anyone (except for maybe my sister)

tbh i see yall interact…and i get the feeling she dont love you

this is so rude

ur mom also lied when she said u could be president

my mom never said i could be president bc were immigrants :-)

this person is lying to u

umm my mom thinks im funny